Orcas Island Skatepark

Orcas Island skatepark was built in 2003 by Grindline Skateparks. We originally planned to go there in 2006, on a trip that included Oregon. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts cut the trip short by time and geography. Only Oregon. No Washington.
Fast forward a few years, and the plan is to go this coming June . I can't wait.

Orcas Island Skatepark Builder
Here's the overview of Orcas Island from the builder, Grindline's website.
Check out more pic in the gallery on Grindline's website...

News & Info


DIY Skateboards: M&M in Northwest DVD

The Northwest DVD shows the guys from M&M go throught the process of pressing a deck. I forgot that this was on the dvd. It's a cool brief overview that shows glueing laminates, pressing, cutting, and screening of a skateboard.

NORTHWEST "M&M Skateboards" 2002 from Six Stair on Vimeo.


Boka's blog with pics from the build

Boka's Flash in Time

Boka sent over the link to his blog with photos from the most recent build. 30 bags of concrete were mixed and dumped over the last of the dirt we could scavenge in the lot. We made sure that it would be steep and tall by stack two curbs tall under the pool coping. Luckily, the rain waited to start until after we finished working. That was Sunday. Today is Wednesday and it's still raining. I can't wait to skate it.
Anyways... here's the link to more fotos at Boka's Flash in Time

New Bacon Skateboards Trailer

Bacon Skateboards: Unheard Trailer

Looks like it's going to be a sick video...
Check out more Bacon Skateboards here...

Bacon Skateboards: Unheard Trailer from Bacon Skateboards on Vimeo.


San Luis Obispo Skatepark

San Luis skatepark design is finished.

Looks like SLO is getting a Wormhoudt park soon. This video clip show the design pretty well. Look like it has a little snake run that surrounds a bowl with a rollover fullpipe. Check it out...

Virtual walkthough video

More info at their website here...

More info at Wormhoudt website here...
Wormhoudt Skateparks

park overview

crazy wave - rollover thing

Santa Cruz New Hot Sh*t!

Santa Cruz sent by the new product sheet.
I love Santa Cruz. I gre up riding Santa Cruz decks more than any other brand. Recently, it's been nice to see them embrace the roots. The ads, like Fresh Meat and reissued graphics rip. Feel the history. By the way, the white screaming hand deck and the azteca dot are both 8.25"


MRZ nabs a wall to wall

Holey Crikey!

MRZ caught this fella going wall to wall at the spot. Rumor has it that at least one other goofy footer got it. Maybe with the new corner some speed lines will open for the regular footers out there.
Remember, never park in front of neighbor's houses and always enter the spot from the ends... not through the bushes. Neighbors will call the Sheriffs if you're loitering in the street.

The Spot gets a new corner

We got after the newest feature at the spot.

It's a chest high pocket with pool coping, a roll in on the bushes side and a curb escalator on the other side.Thanks to Ben and Carson for their mixing skills and Hunter and Waylon for shovel help.
Should be skateable in a few days.

Morning of the pour. A lot of work to do

2 curbs ensure vert for the pocket.

Mesh and chiseling the ground

Boca and Chris


DIY Concrete Element Video

Click to view the video...

That looks like our spot man...

Element sent us this link a little while back. It's a good one. Follow the link to Element Skateboard's audiovideo page. Super rad spot looks like our spot! I think it might be in Austin, TX. Anyhow, give it a look. It features Darrell Stanton, Ryan DeWitt and a ripping Nick Garcia.

Matt Hensely Shackle Me Not


Matt who?

Matt. Matt Hensley. Have you seen him?

Oh, he' s on his way to the store.

I remember this part and H-Street boards changing my skateboarding. We would skate the heck out of curbs and ditches, then go home to eat and watch skate videos, and repeat. Well this one is a true classic. Matt Hensley ushered in a new style and expanded Neil Blender's no comply to the masses.

Eric Dressen Risk It

Here at Old Star, we love Dressen. Eric was a classic team captain and shop manager for the early days of Old Star.

Eric D kills it in this part from the Santa Cruz Risk It video. I think it's one of the most versatile parts ever.
How sick is that mini ramp part at the end?
Very sick.

Check out Eric D's workplace at Yer Cheatin Heart Tattoo in Gardena here...

Check out Eric Dressen decks from Santa Cruz here...


Belanger carves Missoula

Dan carves Missoula's shallow love seat. Check out that sky... what a day!

Dan Murphy on Foundation

All terrain ripper Dan Murphy joins Tumyeto and Foundation Skateboards!
Check out his interview and some gnarly footage. The Halfcab to fakie on the dish is nuts!

Read the interview here...

Spirit Skateshop, Kalispell, MT

Spirit Skateshop in Kalispell has been sold to a new owner.

We visited this shop last summer. It's a great little shop with a good selection of decks and wheels. I guess it has been sold now to new owners. I you're ever there, check out the taco shop next door. Coronas and delicious asada tacos can be found there.

Here's Mark's message on the transfer of ownership.NAL MESSAGE FROM MARKD

What up homies. As most of you have already heard I have sold Spirit to Clay Taylor. It was obviously hard for me to let go of the shop, but my life is headed in a different direction and so the decision was made. The important thing is that Spirit is still going to have a strong presence in the Montana skate scene, and as we all know it is the skate scene in the Flatehead Valley. Spirit was never a 1 man show. It was a combination of many talented people that came together and skated together, conspired together, created art, video productions, party's, demos, and so much more. I would like to personally thank the following people: Steve Sanchez, Chris Bacon, James Reeves, Justin Westermyer, Adam DeLorme, Matt Sadler, Jason Robinson, Wade Byrd, Sierra Fellers, Nich Kunz, Tyler Panza, Casey Bruff, Cale Brown, Cameran Barge, Logan Tripplete, Zach Doe, Conner Briney, Nico Hietert, Darrel Kolb, Jerimiah Martin, Chase Campell Jennifer Reese, JD from serious ju ju (for creating a safe/dry place for kids to skate in Kalispell)... I'll end with saying the new owner Clay Taylor is one of the most passionate people when it comes to skateboarding. His focus and desire to live his american dream in the form of running his own skate shop is only going to make the skate scene stronger in Kalispell. Not to mention he knows what's up, he's an OG from back in the day, and he's got Spirit. Love, Live, Skate, SPIRIT....Posted on January 05th


Part's Part

Eidem sent over this link to Part's Part.
Al Partanen kills it in the new Creature video.
Check out the Creature goods here...
Check out more from Thrasher Magazine here...


Missoula Skatepark Added

Check out the new page for Missoula Skatepark.
The google map has been added, and the satellite view is pretty interesting. It show the park in the mid construction phase.
The bowl looks complete. Check out the cradle form work. It can be seen just to the right of the blue marker. Check out the full page here...

What! Skatepark specific coping?

These guys are apparently making skatepark specific blocks!

ConCreatures website

I came across a cool skateboard blog called Concreatures.
The have lots of great shots of concrete park in the stages of being built and ridden.

Here is the link...

New Dwindle Ramp Sessions

The new ramp at Dwindle is super fun. Check out the video clips here... Read More...