BOKA's 4 skateparks in 1 day!

Boka has been rolling the updates at Flash In Time.

Check out the 4 parks in one day. Sounds like a blast, starting at Ojai Skatepark and ending at Moorpark Skatepark. Which on is your favorite?

Island Bowl Fun


Ojai Skatepark Added to the directory

Ojai Local Ripper
It's been a while since uploading to the directory, but here is Ojai Skatepark. It's fun.... you should go.
Check out the photos, directions and writeup here...

More parks photos up on Flickr

Because we are soon moving to a database driven layout, no new park update pages are coming online. However, we do have lots of new park photo updates on the Flickr account. The book is moving along, and should be available by early Summer 2011. Thanks for checking in.
~ Old Star

New Skatepark Pictures on Flickr

There has been a lot of work coming down the pipeline lately.
Expect to see some changes soon. There are a ton of parks that should be popping up here by the end of the month.
Grab a sneak peek on our Flickr photostream here...

Eric Dressen Tattoo Video

Eric Dressen is one of Old Star's favorite from back in the og days of the shop.
Nowadays we've been lurking at Eric's new haunt: Yer Cheatin' Heart Tattoo.
We found a cool video and interview with Eric Dressen and his tattoo guns.

Check it out over at Transworld Skateboarding's Eric Dressen interview and video....

Check out Eric Dressen tattoo art @

Eric D powers one through in Venice
Old Star Concussion Ad from the vault


Orcas Island Skatepark added to the skatepark directory

The Orcas Island Skatepark page is now online in the skatepark directory. Check out Orcas Island Skatepark here. This is just the first of many Washington Skatepark updates to come.

Orcas Island Skatepark directions, information, photo gallery


Who wants to corkscrew?
Check out this covered walkway... er... super loop.


5 Awesome Video Parts (part 1)

5 Awesome Video Parts... Part 1
Here is a list of great videos that will make you want to go skateboarding now.
1. Alec Beck


MRZ nabs a wall to wall

Holey Crikey!

MRZ caught this fella going wall to wall at the spot. Rumor has it that at least one other goofy footer got it. Maybe with the new corner some speed lines will open for the regular footers out there.
Remember, never park in front of neighbor's houses and always enter the spot from the ends... not through the bushes. Neighbors will call the Sheriffs if you're loitering in the street.

DIY Concrete Element Video

Click to view the video...

That looks like our spot man...

Element sent us this link a little while back. It's a good one. Follow the link to Element Skateboard's audiovideo page. Super rad spot looks like our spot! I think it might be in Austin, TX. Anyhow, give it a look. It features Darrell Stanton, Ryan DeWitt and a ripping Nick Garcia.

Matt Hensely Shackle Me Not


Matt who?

Matt. Matt Hensley. Have you seen him?

Oh, he' s on his way to the store.

I remember this part and H-Street boards changing my skateboarding. We would skate the heck out of curbs and ditches, then go home to eat and watch skate videos, and repeat. Well this one is a true classic. Matt Hensley ushered in a new style and expanded Neil Blender's no comply to the masses.

Eric Dressen Risk It

Here at Old Star, we love Dressen. Eric was a classic team captain and shop manager for the early days of Old Star.

Eric D kills it in this part from the Santa Cruz Risk It video. I think it's one of the most versatile parts ever.
How sick is that mini ramp part at the end?
Very sick.

Check out Eric D's workplace at Yer Cheatin Heart Tattoo in Gardena here...

Check out Eric Dressen decks from Santa Cruz here...


Part's Part

Eidem sent over this link to Part's Part.
Al Partanen kills it in the new Creature video.
Check out the Creature goods here...
Check out more from Thrasher Magazine here...


ConCreatures website

I came across a cool skateboard blog called Concreatures.
The have lots of great shots of concrete park in the stages of being built and ridden.

Here is the link...

New Dwindle Ramp Sessions

The new ramp at Dwindle is super fun. Check out the video clips here... Read More...

Christmas session at the spot

Get out your sweater. It's Christmas time at The Spot. Read More...