The Spot - New Video Clip

Fabio is working with a new Canon 7D. HD video with lens and exposure control. I like! check it out here....

The SPOT from Fabio Cunha on Vimeo.


Boka's blog with pics from the build

Boka's Flash in Time

Boka sent over the link to his blog with photos from the most recent build. 30 bags of concrete were mixed and dumped over the last of the dirt we could scavenge in the lot. We made sure that it would be steep and tall by stack two curbs tall under the pool coping. Luckily, the rain waited to start until after we finished working. That was Sunday. Today is Wednesday and it's still raining. I can't wait to skate it.
Anyways... here's the link to more fotos at Boka's Flash in Time

MRZ nabs a wall to wall

Holey Crikey!

MRZ caught this fella going wall to wall at the spot. Rumor has it that at least one other goofy footer got it. Maybe with the new corner some speed lines will open for the regular footers out there.
Remember, never park in front of neighbor's houses and always enter the spot from the ends... not through the bushes. Neighbors will call the Sheriffs if you're loitering in the street.

DIY Concrete Element Video

Click to view the video...

That looks like our spot man...

Element sent us this link a little while back. It's a good one. Follow the link to Element Skateboard's audiovideo page. Super rad spot looks like our spot! I think it might be in Austin, TX. Anyhow, give it a look. It features Darrell Stanton, Ryan DeWitt and a ripping Nick Garcia.

Christmas session at the spot

Get out your sweater. It's Christmas time at The Spot. Read More...