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Phoenix / Ahwatukee, AZ
Ahwatukee Skate Park / Pecos Skatepark
17010 S 48th St, Phoenix, AZ 85048
GPS 33.292835,-111.981883

Date Opened 2008
Square Footage 30,000
The Lowdown Ahwatukee Pecos Skatepark
Rating 8
Ahwatukee Skatepark

What a fun example of a flow park! Ahwatukee's main section flows down into a wide open basin lined with a series of pyramids, hips, and pockets. The design crew did a great job making sure there are no dead ends. Because of this, there are a lot of fun pockets tucked all over the park.
Ahwatukee is a good park for beginner to intermediate skaters with many mellow and forgiving transitions. That said, there are a few spots to get rad like the blaster hip that juts out of the big quarterpipe.
Pay attention to the directions. It can be a bit confusing because you have to cross over Pecos Rd/Loop 202 from the north side of 48th St to get to the park.
Ahwatukee skate park gets a rating of 8 hip blasters out of 10.

+ Fun, open flow layout
+ Good mix of transition and street elements
- Nothing bigger that 7' and no pool coping anywhere
? What line gets you in and out of the keyhole pocket in the back of the park?

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Map & Directions Ahwatukee/Pecos Skate Park

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Directions to Ahwatukee Skate Park
10 Fwy Eastbound(Southbound) - exit Chandler Blvd, right at Chandler Blvd, left at 48th St. Park is on the right one half mile down.
10 Fwy Westbound(Northbound) - exit Chandler Blvd, left at Chandler Blvd, left at 48th St. Park is on the right one half mile down.