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Rating 7
Casa Grande, AZ
Casa Grande Skate Park / Carr-McNatt Park
1115 N Brown Ave, Casa Grande, AZ 85122
GPS 32.884254, -111.746761

Date Opened 2001
Square Footage 10,000
The Lowdown Casa Grande Skatepark
Casa Grande Skatepark photo

Casa Grande skatepark is an older, smaller-sized park, but it has great flow. On a slight downgrade, the park is one large flow bowl that varies from 3' to 5' in depth. There is an attempt at a street course in the shallow end with an awkward pyramid that has an abrupt kink at the flat. The bowl starts mellow in the shallow. As the bowl continues downhill, it is separated by a spine traveling lengthwise down the middle. Both ends of the spine have teardrops. The "deep end" or bottom end of the bowl is egg-shaped and offset from the spine's centerline. Overall, the transitions are mellow and the coping is way too small.
The concrete finish work is passable, but it feels like a skater-designed park that was built by a sidewalk contractor. If you are nearby, it's definitely worth the stop. Casa Grande skatepark has no shortage of hips and lines.
Casa Grande skate park gets a rating of 7 small diameter coping grinds out of 10.

+ For an older park, the design holds up well
+ Good flow
- A fair amount of bmx traffic
? What's up with that super kinked pyramid at the upper end of the park?

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Map & Directions Casa Grande Skatepark

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Directions to Casa Grande Skatepark
10 Fwy - exit AZ-287 toward Florence Blvd. Turn westbound on Florence, right at Brown Ave. Park is on the left one half mile down.