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Rating 8
Chandler, AZ
Chandler Skate Park / Snedigar Sports Complex
4500 S Basha Rd, Chandler, AZ 85248
GPS 33.240437, -111.858866
Date Opened 2000
Square Footage 35,000
Site Design Group
The Lowdown Chandler Skatepark
Chandler Skatepark

Chandler Skatepark opened in the spring of 2000. I remember this well, because I skated it with Mike Chapman right after it opened. We rode the heck out of it, and we had a feeling that Chandler was just a taste of what was to come. 10 years later, in the spring of 2010, I returned to Chandler to see how it holds up. Well it does. It's fun. Chandler still rips and is highly recommended.
The park is comprised of 3 sections: a big flow bowl, a mid-sized pool, and a large street course. The shallow end of the large flow bowl has a 6' tall spine and an extension. The bowl then hooks slightly right towards a raised deck 9' deep end. Metal coping finishes the bowl.
The mid-sized pool is a combi with a round 7' deep end and a square 5' deep shallow end. This pool is finished with metal coping as well. The transitions are a bit mellow, giving it a slow feeling.
Chandler's street course is it's best part. Ledges and rails drop into the street section from the entrance, leading you to the pyramid. There are bank-to-walls, pump bumps, a volcano, and a head high concrete edged corner. Chandler's street course can be skated for days because there are so many lines to find.
Chandler skate park gets a rating of 8 concrete lip grinders out of 10.

+ A decade old, and still fun!
+ Chandler has a separate bmx park so this one is skate only
- No transition on the deck of the deep end bowl extension. A complete dead end, for an otherwise complete, around-the-deck track.
? What's up with that super kinked pyramid at the upper end of the park?

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Map & Directions Chandler Skatepark

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Directions to Chandler Skate park
10 Fwy Eastbound(Southbound) - exit AZ-202 East, go 6 miles and exit Alma School Rd, right at Alma School Rd, left at Basha Rd. Park is one mile down on the right .
10 Fwy Westbound(Northbound) - exit AZ-587 North toward Chandler, turn left and go north on AZ-587 N, go 8 miles, left at Chandler Heights Rd, right at Pleasant Dr, left at Fulton Ranch Blvd, right at Basha Rd. Park is one half mile down on the left.