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Rating 9
Red Rock, AZ
Red Rock Skatepark/Red Rock Village Park
Aguirre Ln & Sasco Rd, Red Rock, AZ 85653
GPS 32.570098, -111.330742
Date Opened 2008
Square Footage 7,500
Site Design Group
The Lowdown Red Rock, AZ Skatepark
Red Rock Skatepark

Red Rock skatepark is one incredible bowl. It looks like a lighting bolt, which is an appropriate image considering the speed you can get riding it. The shape flings you from pocket to pocket, from the square shallow to the round deep. The depth varies from 6' in the shallow end to 10' in the deep, and features 2 clamshells and a vert extension pocket. There are lots of pump bumps and little transitions along the deck, which makes for a fun warmup track.
Word has it that the park is closed to the public and is for only for the use of Red Rock Village residents. It's kinda out of the way, so I don't think it's much of an issue. There's often only one or two people riding and haven't been hassled there. The bottom line is: it's a great way to break up the drive from Phoenix to Tucson.
Red Rock skate park gets an excellent rating of 9 out of 10.

+ Slingshot from pocket to pocket!
- No pool coping anywhere
- Rumors of the skatepark being for residents only
? If you wanted a street course, you came to the wrong place.

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Map & Directions Red Rock Skatepark

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Directions to Red Rock Skatepark
10 Fwy Eastbound - exit Red Rock, right at Sasco Rd, left at Aquirre Ln, road will curve right, park is on the left.
10 Fwy Westbound - exit Red Rock, left over the freeway, right at Cam Correo, left at Sasco Rd, left at Aquirre Ln, road will curve right, park is on the left.