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Rating 9
Tucson, AZ - Santa Rita
Albert M. Gallego Skatepark / Santa Rita Park
3rd Ave and 22nd St, Tucson, AZ
GPS 32.207522,-110.963395
Date Opened 2009
Square Footage 12,000
Site Design Group
The Lowdown Tucson, AZ - Santa Rita Skatepark
Santa Rita Skatepark - Tuscon, AZ

Just off the 10 Fwy in Tucson lies Santa Rita Skatepark. The Albert M. Gallego Skate Park is located within the Santa Rita Park and should be on your list of places to go. This park opened in 2009 after almost 10 years of fundraising and plan changes. Site Design Group is responsible for this fun, bowl-filled park.
Santa Rita consists of three separate bowls: The Bonnie Bowl (a 12’ deep keyhole), a 4-6’ deep flow bowl, and a good size kidney.
The Bonney Bowl is a classic 80’s style keyhole. It felt 12’ deep and fast. The shape is not perfectly round, but slightly squashed and the lip is finished with tiles and orange pool coping. The flow bowl varies in depth from 4' to 6' with a clamshell in the middle and a couple of hips. The bowl is finished with metal coping. The last bowl is a righthand kidney with an 8' deep end and 3' shallow end. This bowl is pretty mellow and good for beginners learning to carve.
Santa Rita skatepark opens at 6am and has lights until 10:30pm, which is necessary considering the daytime heat of the desert. Now go check this one off.
Santa Rita skate park gets a rating of 9 Del Mar Skate Ranch references out of 10.

+ Classic keyhole
+ Flow bowl feels like a mini version of the epic Red Rocks, AZ skatepark
- No street course... the 2 ledges don't count
? Yup, it's just 3 bowls and nothing else. A fail in the design/build to utilize that deck space.

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Map & Directions Santa Rita Skatepark

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Directions to Santa Rita Skatepark
10 Fwy Eastbound - exit S Freeway Rd, left at 22nd St, left at 3rd Ave into Santa Rita Park. Skatepark is ahead on the right.
10 Fwy Westbound - exit Starr Pass Blvd/22nd St, take 2nd right at 22nd St, left at 3rd Ave into Santa Rita Park. Skatepark is ahead on the right.