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Rating 7
Glendale, AZ
X-Court Skatepark / Community Park
6100 N 83rd Ave, Glendale, AZ 85305
GPS 33.526737,-112.236114
Date Opened 2009
Square Footage 26,000
California Skateparks
The Lowdown Glendale X Court Skatepark
Glendale X-Court Skatepark-6_3

Glendale X-Court skatepark has something for every skill level and caters to boards, scooters, bikes and whatever else. That wide-open accessibility actual plays against Glendale. It tries to be everything to everyone, and instead is just a bit odd feeling.
Glendale X-Court skatepark is comprised of a street plaza, a clover bowl, and a giant snakerun that fill up the majority of the park's real estate.
Construction quality is very high, and is to be expected from a quality crew like California Skateparks.
Check it out for yourself and see what your think.
Glendale X-Court skate park gets a solid rating of 7 out of 10.

+ Something for every skill level
- Way, way crowded with bikes
? "Can't we all just get along?" -Rodney King

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Map & Directions Glendale X-Court Skatepark

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Directions to Glendale X-Court Skatepark
10 Fwy - take exit 133B to merge onto AZ-101 N, go 4 miles, exit Camelback Rd, right at Camelback Rd, left at 83rd Ave, Skatepark is one mile down on the right.