Fillmore, CA
River Park / skate park
270 C St, Fillmore, CA 93015
Rating 8
Date Opened 2008
Square Footage 18,000
California Skateparks

The first of some great new parks for Eastern Ventura County. Built in 2008, Fillmore has a mixed design with street plaza elements surrounding a pool and flow section. The flow section has pleanty of pockets and hips. It is on the smaller size with most of the flow being around 5' deep. The pool is a left-hand kidney with some fun lines to be had. There is a strange roll-in in the shallow. It's a design decision that makes you scratch your head... just like those awful 3 steps in the waterfall of the flow section. Honestly, that's nit-picking because this park is super fun.

+ Fillmore's pool has pool coping, a deathbox and glass tiles
+ The park flows great, the finish is smooth and the coping set well.
- Just like Moorpark, it's hot and NO shade at all
- Dusty
? The steps in the flow section are waaaaay out of place

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