Hawthorne, CA
Eucalyptus Park / Larry Guidi Skate Park
12100 Inglewood Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250
GPS 33.92286,-118.360852

Date Opened 2009
Square Footage 10,000
Purkiss Rose
The Lowdown Hawthorne Skatepark
Rating 4
Hawthorne skateboard park

Hawthorne skatepark has limited hours, a 12' fence, and monitors in yellow jackets. The answers to my obnoxious queries:
Hours of operation? "9am to 7pm"
Can I skate? "Not without helmet, elbow, and kneepads you can't."
Can I shoot photos inside? "Not without helmet, elbow, and kneepads you can't."
I'm thinking of applying to work there. According to the monitor, the job pays well, and I certainly can't argue with that. On this visit, there was only one kid skating. He looked lonely.
Across the way (outside of the designated skate-area) I spotted five more skateboarders sitting on the park benches. Next to the skaters were three more yellow-jacketed park staff. Three more city employees to make sure no one gets their shred on those benches. Despite the skatepark's existence, I think the city dislikes skateboarding.
As for the design, Hawthorne is a medium-sized park with few exciting lines or features. It has flow issues with intersecting traffic lines, but I doubt it's ever that crowded. The highlights are the two open-ended 7' bowls adjacent to each other with a spine and teardrop. A bank to cinderblock wall and a chain to bank reminiscent of the one in San DIego that Tom Penny famously shut down in Transworld's
Uno video.
Hawthorne skate park gets a rating of 4 yellow jackets out of 10.

+ It's close to South Bay Skates
- Rules, rules, rules
? The monitor's food was looking delicious. I wonder where you get that?

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Map & Directions Hawthorne Skate Park

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Directions to Hawthorne Skate Park
405 Fwy Northbound - exit El Segundo Blvd, right at El Segundo Blvd, left at Inglewood Ave. Park is on the right one half mile down.
405 Fwy Southbound - exit El Segundo Blvd, right at La Cienega, right at W 120th St, right at Inglewood Ave. Park is on the left one block down.