Pacoima, CA
Richie Valens Park / skate plaza
10731 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Pacoima, CA 91331

Date Opened 2009
Square Footage 12,000
California Skateparks, Site Design Group
The Lowdown Pacoima Skate Plaza
Rating 9

Pacoima Skate Plaza represents a new trend in skatpark design: the pathway skate plaza. Nestled into the Northern edge of Richie Valens park, the skate plaza features multiple session spots strung together on a slightly downhill path. You can session a section, or, create a line from one end to the other. This excellent design was a collaboration with Lance Mountain, Paul Rodriguez, Nike SB and LA84 Foundation.
The spots on the path include (from top to bottom) 1 - a 'shark fin' reminiscent to sadlands, 2 - straight hubbas and mellow rail, 3 - brick bank hip, 4 - plaza including slappy curbs, ledges, hubbas, Sylmar rail replica, fire hydrant, curb cuts and more, 5 - bench section, 6 - ditch to vert, 7 - Santa Monica sandgap bars, one to ollie/hippy jump and one to pole jam. Pacoima is a must stop if you're in the area.

+ Excellent park setting with benches and shade
+ Is that 'La Bamba' I hear in the background?
- Everything... I mean everything, is covered in wax
? There is a chance to finally ollie the elusive fire hydrant

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Map & Directions Pacoima Skate Plaza

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Directions to Pacoima Skate Plaza
405 Fwy Northbound - take the CA-118 East and exit Laurel Canyon Blvd, right at Laurel Canyon Blvd. Park is immediately on the left.
5 Fwy Northbound - exit Van Nuys Blvd toward Pacoima, right at Van Nuys Blvd, left at Laurel Canyon Blvd. Park is on the right at Paxton St and Laurel Canyon Blvd.