Sequim, WA
Sequim Skatepark
100 S Blake Ave, Sequim, WA 98382
GPS 48.080072, -123.084512

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Sequim Skatepark
5 / 10
Date Built 1999
Square Footage 20,000
TEK Construction
The Lowdown Sequim, WA Skatepark

Built in what seems to be the remnants of a quarry depot, lies Squim's piece of crud skatepark. Although the design and size of the park were wow factors back in 1999, there isn't much reason to visit there today. The town of Squim is inbetween Port Angeles and Port Townsend. It's only worth the stop to laugh at the preteen hellions on bikes and scooters. They heavily localize the park, and easily scare off any val-kooks (that'd be us).

Squim skatepark gets a rating of 5 aggro-local kids out of 10.

+ Port Townsend and Port Angeles are only 15 minutes away... hit both in a day
- Scooter gangs
? Everything is sooo tall here. It makes you feel like you ate the cake in wonderland and shrank. No joke... I'm not sure that Cards or Alan Peteresen could ollie the pyramid on a good day.

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Port Angeles Skatepark - 23 miles (30 mins)
Port Townsend Skatepark - 23 miles (30 mins)

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